The Beacon by Ben Young

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Be Visible 2.0 by Zlatimir Arakliev + Milko Boyarov

2 weeks ago 17 notes

Floating City by Nina Lindgren

2 weeks ago 157 notes

Parallels ll by Ben Young

3 weeks ago 33 notes

Miniature Medieval Interiors Carved into Marble Blocks by Mathew Simmonds

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Rem Koolhaas - monditalia entrance

1 month ago 28 notes

Paul Cocksedge - Circular screen installation

1 month ago 62 notes

Transparent labyrinth by Robert Morris

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Paper Mammals by Estudio Guardabosques

2 months ago 44 notes

Woven Metal Leaf and Seed Installations by Michelle Mckinney

2 months ago 137 notes

Carved Goose egg shells by Piotr Bockenheim

2 months ago 217 notes

Giant Suspended Net Installations by Janet Echelman

2 months ago 176 notes

Knitted Comfort Food by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

3 months ago 73 notes

DIY House Plant Cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann

3 months ago 467 notes

New Geometric Sandcastles from Calvin Seibert

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