Kyl21 - Molecular Popsicles by David Marx

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Back to Basics paper art by Zim And Zou

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Top Heavy Sora - Nozomu Shibata with Kenta Chujo

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The Future of Food by Zim And Zou

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Psychogeographies by Dustin Yellin

Encased in several heavy layers of translucent glass sheets, human silhouettes made from hundreds of individual mixed-media are suspended in a crystal-clear mass.

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Antony Gormley - Domain field

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Frodo Mikkelsen - Landscapes on skulls

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Julian Mayor - organic geometry exhibition

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The EXSTINCTOR Sculpture by Kidult

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Animal-shaped Hair Sculptures by Nagi Noda

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Cinder block sculptures by HENSE

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The Brain Grenade by Emilio Garcia

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Geometric Currency Sculptures by Kristi Malakoff

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The Underwater Art of Competitive Aquascaping

The world of competitive aquarium design, or aquascaping, is just as difficult, expensive, and cutthroat as any other sport but requires expertise in many different fields to guarantee success. Aquarium designers possess large amounts of expertise in biology, design, photography, and excel in the art of patience, as individual aquascapes can take months if not years to fully mature into a completed landscape.

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Sebastian Errazuriz - Birds on a chandelier

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