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200 Eleventh Avenue - Selldorf Architects

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Chickering Hall, 29 West 57th St, New York.

Sadly the building’s owner has decided to redevelop the site and this beautiful and unusual 1924 building is now under demolition.

I’m all for new development but not at the cost of buildings like this, It’s sickening that this has been allowed.

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Touristic icon design by Yoon J Kim

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Times Square by michaelelliottnyc

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Intersections: NYC night by Navid Baraty

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Intersections NYC by Navid Baraty

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New York perspective by Mister Mourao

New York perspective by Mister Mourao

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New York

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New York by Jason Pierce Photography

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New York by SAM HORINE

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The City that Makes or Breaks you by Duncan Sham

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New York Photography by onesevenone

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Gold skyline necklaces by Corrado Nai Fovino

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Pavel Bendov

Facades of New York

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