Lego Dalek by Xenomurphy

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Lego Microscale Copenhagen by Ulrik Hansen

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Arnaud Dehaynin

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Lego Space Needle by buildingmaster1966

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Blok Wschodni - Eastern Block by ZUPAGRAFIKA

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Lego Clue Vignettes by Max Pointner, based on Cluedo rooms, people and murder weapons

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Renato Freitas


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Free Move by Photone Photography

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Caio Cesar

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Max Gregor

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kingdom in a box by Rod Gillies

kingdom in a box by Rod Gillies

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Felipe Donati

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Atlantis Submerging by Kyle Emmerson (Me)

This is part of the legendary city of Atlantis which disappears and reappears from the sea. The design of this version of Atlantis is based upon an Aisian style of Baroque

More photos at:

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Andre Kherwald

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Yiorgos Karavas for Sir Oliver

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