The Beacon by Ben Young

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Floating City by Nina Lindgren

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3D Printing San Francisco’s Future Skyline

The 6×6 foot model shows 115 blocks of downtown San Francisco as it will appear in 2017, and was created by visualization company Steelblue and Autodesk. Claimed to be the largest 3D printed model of a city in the world, it can show much more than just how San Francisco’s downtown will look: overlaid projections can show the status of each building, projected traffic patterns and more. Furthermore, each block is individually replaceable to keep the model up to date.

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Photography by Jean Baptiste Huong

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In My Dreams by Daniel Rodrigues

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Angelus Dominus by Jackson Carvalho

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Lego Dalek by Xenomurphy

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Lego Microscale Copenhagen by Ulrik Hansen

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Lego Space Needle by buildingmaster1966

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Blok Wschodni - Eastern Block by ZUPAGRAFIKA

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