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My kind of fairytale 

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Mal de Amor Poster by Manuel Cetina

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Illustrations by Clint Reid

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secretprojectrevolution (by madonna)

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Bittersweet Valentines Day by Jason Little

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Promises, Promises by Kyle Emmerson

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Danny Schwarz - Bruce Weber

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I woke up wanting to kiss you

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“sex / love / drugs / death” by Jump Jirakaweekul / June 2012

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Unrequited Love by sporadictouchofennui on DeviantArt

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Once You Pop by Phil Jones

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home by layer01 on DeviantArt

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Are you going to come and sing to me, or beg me to stay?

I met him two days ago, he doesn’t know me, I don’t know him, and he… I met him, like, two days ago, two days is nothing.

I watched this today and its a beautiful film - ‘Weekend’. Its very real, it was really quite sad too, It made me think about my own life in a lot of ways. I know what it feels like to be lost in your own life.

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Love xxxx Want!

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