A friend of mine’s Ducks have had Ducklings, This is Spot. 

I love him.

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Trialogo series By Gonzalo Orquin will finally be shown in New York after the Vatican threatened to sue the artist at the showing in Rome

An art gallery in Rome last year covered up the exhibition of photographs showing same-sex couples kissing in churches, following the legal threat by the Vatican.

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My kind of fairytale 

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Mal de Amor Poster by Manuel Cetina

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Illustrations by Clint Reid

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secretprojectrevolution (by madonna)

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Bittersweet Valentines Day by Jason Little

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Promises, Promises by Kyle Emmerson


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Danny Schwarz - Bruce Weber

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I woke up wanting to kiss you

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“sex / love / drugs / death” by Jump Jirakaweekul / June 2012

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Unrequited Love by sporadictouchofennui on DeviantArt

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Once You Pop by Phil Jones

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