untitled by Kei Meguro

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Custom Lettering by Aron Jancso

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Yorokobu Magazine by Forma and Co.

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Portraits of America’s Food Stands by Christopher Lee

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Doctor Who themed Bayeux Tapestry Illustration by Bill Mudron

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Jeff Victor Evolution Series

Jonny Depp | Natalie Portman | Tom Hanks | Michael Jackson

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Art meets architecture in Federico Babinas Archist Series

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Illustrations of Wrecked Cars in Junkyards by Paul White

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Phlegm exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery

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Illustrated Alphabet of European Cities by Hugo Yoshikawa

Obviously all 26 wont fit on here so I’ve selected 10 of the cities I’ve visited, see if you can guess which they are.

Or you can cheat by looking at the tags…

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The Steel City by Goo Design

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Illustrations on Rocks by DZO9

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Andre Chiote Illustrations of Iconic Buildings

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Always Seek The Truth

So instantly recognizable, brilliant and Iconic characters

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Murals by Etam Cru

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