Hangzhou Duolan Commercial Complex - BAU Brearley Architects + Urbanists

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Sharifi-ha House - Nextoffice + Alireza Taghaboni

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Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek Advice Centre - Mecanoo

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Flamingo Shanghai Office by Neri + Hu Design and Research Office

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Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Houses Fish Farm

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South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute - Woods Bagot

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KCEV - Petr Hajek Architekti

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House for Trees - Vo Trong Nghia Architects

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Wieden+Kennedy NY - WORKac

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Rem Koolhaas - monditalia entrance

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Australian guesthouse by Whiting Architects

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Issam Fares Institute - Zaha Hadid

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Domino Sugar Factory photographed by Paul Raphaelson

'Ten years after closing its doors, the  Domino Sugar Refinery’s iconic forty-foot tall yellow sign is still legible along the waterfront, even from parts of Manhattan. The refinery, built in 1882, was once the largest in the world, producing over half of the sugar consumed in the United States. Sadly, the historic landmark will soon be demolished, making room for luxury living — and a handful of apartments for affordable housing, at mayor Bill de Blasio’s insistence. As time runs out, a photographer, photography editor, and historian are vying for the opportunity to thoroughly document the site and publish a book entitled Sweet Ruin: Fossils and Stories of the Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery.

Photographer Paul Raphaelson was recently given a day’s worth of access to the site by its owner, real estate development company Two Trees Management. Raphaelson was able to visit and photograph three of the refinery’s buildings, capturing the sugar-coated interiors of the hauntingly cavernous spaces. He hopes to revisit the site before it’s too late to take more photographs’

- Via ArchDaily

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Swedbank by 3XN

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Qingdao Horticultural Expo Central Pavilion - UNStudio

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