3D Printing San Francisco’s Future Skyline

The 6×6 foot model shows 115 blocks of downtown San Francisco as it will appear in 2017, and was created by visualization company Steelblue and Autodesk. Claimed to be the largest 3D printed model of a city in the world, it can show much more than just how San Francisco’s downtown will look: overlaid projections can show the status of each building, projected traffic patterns and more. Furthermore, each block is individually replaceable to keep the model up to date.

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Digital Papercut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

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LIX: The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air

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RMB by Eiko Ojala

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Andy Gilmore Art

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Phlegm exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery

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3D-printed Dazzle lamps by Corneel Cannaerts

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3D Typographic Drawings by Lex Wilson

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360 Book Sweet Home by Yusuke Oono

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360 Book In a Cheese by Yusuke Oono

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360 Book Jungle Book by Yusuke Oono

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The City that Makes or Breaks you by Duncan Sham

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Aswad lanes 1 by Romain Trystram

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Urban layers by 1010

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Matt Shlian Paper Sculptures

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