Skin by Sammy Jobbins Wells

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Gothicism steampunk coffee machine - Dutch lab

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Zuk Club - Lugano skatepark

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Vial-norte building by Rafael de la-Hoz

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The Lost Men by Paul Emmanuel

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TO+WN design bejewels Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball

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Vermilion Sands by Matthew Soules Architecture

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Elasticity by Fabrice le Nezet

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Devastated about Robin Williams, what a huge loss, a massively talented man and a big part of my childhood. Rest in peace.

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MØ - Walk This Way

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Jalisco Federal Judicial City - TACHER Arquitectos

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Josh Goot resort 2015

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Spine vodka design concept by Johannes Schulz

Spine vodka design concept by Johannes Schulz

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Head and tails jewellery by Luisa Schwarz

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Jon Gomez

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