Batman Comic Sleeve Tattoo by British artist Ian Hopkins

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Frozen Peas by Alessandro Martorelli

Mother nature provided the perfect design to capture water in spheres: Peas in a pod (Edamame in Japan). Spherical ice cubes look extra-cool and keep your drink extra-cold, for longer. Spherical ice melts 80% slower than cube shaped ice, so they won’t water down your drink as quick. The ice tray stays upright when filled to prevent spilling. Once frozen squeeze ice out of the mould into your drink. Designed by Alessandro Martorelli for Suck UK

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Moiré jewellery collection by David Derksen

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Adam Marsden by Joe Abbot at Immerse Media

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Shoreditch Georgian office extension by Duggan Morris Architects

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HEX by Jean Osipyan

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In The Hospital – Icon Set by Wojciech Zasina and Michał Jawinski

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Boodles - Greenfire Jewelry Suite

The first necklace was the star of the recent program ‘Million Pound Necklace’ 

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Times Square by michaelelliottnyc

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Arkwright office by Haptic

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UNIT BY Rajat Suri - Campaign 2013

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Tapas. Spanish Design for Food - Lo Siento

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Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier by Jeroen Nieuwhuis

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InterContinental Davos Hotel - Oikios GmbH

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Xoclad by Anagrama

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