Hangzhou Duolan Commercial Complex - BAU Brearley Architects + Urbanists

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Ivy levan

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Urban furniture by Identiti Design Studio

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Brooklyn ring by Natalia DaVidich

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The Beacon by Ben Young

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A friend of mine’s Ducks have had Ducklings, This is Spot. 

I love him.

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Sharifi-ha House - Nextoffice + Alireza Taghaboni

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Be Visible 2.0 by Zlatimir Arakliev + Milko Boyarov

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Font 26 by Eniko Deri

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Floating City by Nina Lindgren

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Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek Advice Centre - Mecanoo

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Parallels ll by Ben Young

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Vivienne Westwood launches Virgin Atlantic uniforms

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Klasse Lobbert Art Students Transform an Electrical Tower

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Seriously my biggest fears when I’m dating someone ha

Ditto, or the fear that the guy you date never wants a beard

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